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Marketing capability In fashion retailing marketing, the competition in consumer marketing continues to drastic. It is vital for any companies to build marketing strategies to attract customers for leading long-term survival. The development and implementation of effective marketing strategy is particularly important in apparel sector as result of constantly changing in fashion trend and customers’ requirements (Goldsmith, 2000). Different marketing capabilities will lead to different degree of business performance of organization. If the marketing capabilities are rare, valuable, difficult to imitate, non-substitutable, they can gain competitive advantage for organization and lead to superior business performance (Dutta et al., 2003). In last year, M&S have focus on their brand innovation, with the launch of “Only at Your M&S” to notify their customers of extraordinary length that M&S go to, and to deliver unique products (see appendix 3.2.1). M&S use its “only at M&S” compaign to promote their clothing technology which only available at M&S. It is kind of promotion strategy. This brand innovation help differentiate M&S even more clearly from the competition. Also, M&S develop further on their multi-channel strategy. The company decide to end their partnership with Amazon. Because M&S create their own international website platform (see appendix 3.2.1). The new channels can help M&S communicate with their customers more effectively and offer more targeted promotions for customers’ needs. Moreover, the new channel enable international customers can shop for M&S directly online and place order anytime and anywhere. From RBV, this multi-channel capability is quite valuable but not rare. Competitors of M&S such as H&M, Zara, they all have similar capability. And it is not that difficult to imitate for other rivals. For M&S’s marketing capability, Plan A is

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