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Assignment Question 1 Identify and examine the key social-cultural trends, including demographic and lifestyle developments that have taken place within your chosen country over the past decade. Assignment Answer 1 When starting thinking about Russia in terms “what was changed in past 10 years”, the quick answer would be “a lot if not everything”. And in fact this level of change brings the main social difficulty, people are not able to cope with this rapid change that results in losing the old references, but not yet able to create the new ones (Sotkina 2010). But what was the main dramatic change? Russia has opened its borders to the other world in late 80s, but only in 2000s it starts trying to live in the global community as an equal member, not as a newbie. This openness showed the way of life other (mainly developed western countries) have, but if in 1990s people looked at this like an impossible bright toy, in 2000s people start wanting to live that way too. People have changed the values of life, having goods (read here the western goods) as an indicator of the social success and throwing away moral values (Sememenko 2004). Also Russia changed the Spiral Dynamics level. In 1990s it has Red level, that is characterized with the “live today because there can be no tomorrow” (Beck et al. 1999), that was brightly shown by the “new Russians” development that is now gone away. In 2000s Russia has moved mainly to the Orange level, where still the personal interest is prevailing over the interest of the group, but the time horizon changed to have some more time in the future, not yet in generations (as Green level has) but at least the lifetime (Beck at all, 1999). The bandit’s (Red) psychology moved to the entrepreneurial (Orange) one. People start working to have better life in the future. 2000s showed very clear the high

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