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Whether targeted marketing or market research is appropriate. Example: targeting sales of high risk financial products (e.g. adjustable rate mortgages) to low income individuals. Whether marketing and selling high health risk products is ethical (e.g. tobacco products, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, etc.). Whether marketing that enhances stereotypes is appropriate (e.g. portraying women as the housekeeper in food and house cleaning advertisements). Introduction This an analysis to the effect of ethical issues on strategic marketing. This paper will first discuss what strategic marketing is, the factors that make strategic marketing works. Next will be the forms of ethics in relation to strategic marketing. The issues ethical will be enumerated, with the analysis on how it will affect strategic marketing. A conclusion will follow that will summarize key points that has been discussed. A recommendation will end the paper, which the author will provide suggestions that will strategic marketing a success in lieu of the ethical issues. The paper will references from different authority of the subject matter and it will be given acknowledgement, in order to prevent the commission of plagiarism. The references will only serve as a tool to have a more comprehensive report. CONCEPT OF STRATEGIC MARKETING Marketing has indeed been a part of the conduct of business all over the world especially those business which involves interaction with the consumers. The key to have a success in marketing is to develop a strong strategic marketing that will enable the company’s conduct be more of developed and progressive. According to Proctor (2000), a strategy is plan that integrates an organization’s major goals, policies, decisions, and sequences of actions into a cohesive whole. He also furthers stated that in looking

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