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Stockholm School of Economics Department of Marketing and Strategy Master’s Thesis The Marketing of Abundance Abstract: A growing body of research describes consumers as prone to overchoice, causing mental strain of varying severity. While overchoice is said to lead to business effects through e.g. postponed purchases or unpredictable heuristics, little is known about how managers perceive overchoice issues and act on a market struck by overchoice. From investigating two markets theoretically prone to overchoice problems, this thesis finds managers much attuned to providing a large assortment, having difficulties to spot overchoice problems. However they simultaneously try and take a firm grasp of the consumer towards the making of a choice, through choice alleviating methods such as simplification by categorization and structured personal sales efforts. While overchoice on a real market is found to be an elusive phenomenon and managers’ actions perhaps to an extent insufficient and coincidentally similar to overchoice recommendations, nuances to previous overchoice research arguably still emerge; in suggesting a challenge to simultaneously cater to novice as well as expert consumers and an increased role of personal sales than previously brought forward. Altogether, the nuances within their context may stress a managerial urge to see to each individual consumer’s comfort, be it in suitable information provided or close, personal guidance and alleviation through to an eventual product choice. Author: Henrik Rudin (19 726) Advisor: Associate Professor Per Andersson Examiner: Assistant Professor Anna Nyberg Discussants: Henrik Lethagen (19 217), Erik Modig (19 045) Presentation: 10:15-12:00, 30 May 2008, Room C606 0 The Marketing of Abundance by Henrik Rudin TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION _______________________________ 1 The insatiable urge

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