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Perceptual Maps in Marketing MKT/ 421 Perceptual Maps in Marketing Thorr Motorcycles, Incorporated builds motorcycles and motorcycle accessories. “Thorr motorcycles currently produce more than 200,000 units” (Apollo Group, 2004, p. 1). The company specializes in the Cruiser Thorr, its high-end motorcycle. The Cruiser Thorr helps the company maintain five billion dollar sales in its industry. Unfortunately, the current buyers are growing older, and the motorcycle is not attracting new buyers. The marketing team has decided because of the decline in sales that it must make a decision to change the marketing of the Cruiser Thorr or launch a new line referred to as the RRoth. The use of a perceptual map will be necessary to base this decision on the best move for the company. The perceptual map will be broken down into three sections. Phase I A new age group of consumers is entering the motorcycle industry. “The younger age group (21 to 35 years of age) have less disposable income and are looking for a new symbol of lifestyle with motorcycles” (Apollo Group, 2004, p. 3). The other factor affecting sales of the Cruiser Thorr is competitors entering the market and pulling sales from Thorr Motorcycles. The Anazai made by Haruhiso-Daisetsu Motorcycles and Espritiques made by Michelin Motorcycles offer consumers more services and lower prices. The fun and safer image also attributes to the loss of sales. Marketing research shows that at the current level the Cruiser Thorr rates high on a perceptual map in only three of nine areas. The other two motorcycles pull the other six categories. In the price, cool, engine capacity, and safety the Cruiser Thorr rates substantially lower. The marketing manager for Thorr Motorcycle will use the information from the marketing research to set-up a perceptual map of the company and competitors. The areas needed for

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