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Marketing Essay

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The first I chose was the Restaurant.   It is a high involvement purchase because I like food, specific kinds of food and cooking.   I am careful about my diet and it is an emotional and rational decision.   I like to give great thought to what I eat and when & where, most of the times I tend to stick with certain favorite restaurants.   When I make a decision to eat at a new restaurant, it is always high involvement.

The second will be underwear.   It is low involvement because I buy whatever is on sale, with colors I like, and in a style I like.   I don't put a lot of thought into it these days.   I am not brand loyal for underwear.

As always the first thing was I looked at my budget to see what I could afford and then decided based on what was compatible with my diet restrictions. I then went through my known restaurants and some I knew little about and made the decisions.   For the underwear, I walked into Wal-Mart and went straight to the underwear section.   I looked for my size, my color choices, and then bought the ones I could afford, walked to the front and paid for them.

Price, product, promotion, and place are focused on how the market reacts to the products.   For the restaurant marketer, the focus is going to be place on the price and the product in the best context for the widest number of consumers who eats out.   They have to have their physical needs met, so they need to eat.   They also would like to be in a place that is suited to their cultural norms and that raises their esteem.   The person who wants to eat a healthy meal is one target market choice.   The person needs to eat, but they also need to eat well and healthy to feel good about themselves and improve their lives.

For underwear, the consumer might like choices of style.   There are many different styles and materials for underwear.   All marketers realize that women...

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