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Product is actually a complex, multidimensional concept. It is defined broadly enough to include services, programs, and attitudes and includes whatever you are offering the target market in an effort to meet their needs. It involves all tangible and intangible aspects of the good or service you offer your target market. These are things which have value and are balanced against the value you expect to receive from the target consumer. Product in the NPS world would probably be interpreted as programs, activities, interpretation, as well as services. Product Mix: Every organization has a product mix that is made up of product lines. Product lines contain product items. Each product item is a product or service as well as the brand, package, and services associated with it. There are six components as follows: Services: Interpreters in visitor centers are providing an information service. Package: In the product world this is the container. In the NPS world this could be the surroundings in which a program is delivered. The atmosphere of a visitor center might be considered the package in which the visitor center experience is delivered. Brand: The brand in our case is the National Park Service and all of the image attributes that are associated with the NPS. Product Item: A distinct unit within a product line that is distinguishable by size, price, appearance, function, or some other attribute. A guided hike along a particular trail might be a product item. Product Line: A group of products within a product mix that are closely related, either because they meet the same need, function in a similar manner, or share some other characteristic. Interpretation might be considered a product line. Product Mix (assortment): the set of all product lines and items that an organization offers its target market(s). Everything the NPS offers target market(s)

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