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Marketing Essay

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It is believed that investments in Corporate Social Responsibility are used to create value not only for the stakeholders of the organisation but also the organisation itself. This value for corporation can be created through marketing of corporate social responsibility. Corporations conducting in a social responsible manner can achieve their marketing and business goals if their policies are managed from strategic marketing perspective. In other words, marketing tools and techniques can be used to promote good causes in effective manner in various projects. (Kotler and Lee, 2005).
In year 2002, TNT and the World Food Program of United Nations launched a long-term initiative of ‘Moving the World’, aiming to fight the world hunger. TNT offered WFP to support with expertise and funding for at least 5 years. This was a well thought and strategic move by TNT, that free publicity about the project will be the best approach to speak about the initiative and hence the company’s reputation. And this decision worked out well for TNT and they gained 5th place in 2003 from the 26th in 2001. (Kaaij, 2006)
According to Porter and Kramer, (2006), if corporations analyze their opportunities for social responsibility as per the frameworks of their core business choices, they would come to know that CSR is not a cost centre, a constraint or charitable approach, but it can be used to generate opportunity, innovation and competitive advantage.
Various issues and trends slow down the companies’ capability to develop their marketing strategy, or in other case they may not consider the societal dimension in their operations because for their need to establish and defend their desired market positions.
As per Porter and Kramer’s (2006) recent review of CSR, it is generally imbued with a strong moral imperative; the present day followers of CSR depends on four point model to attain the justification and attention for this cause:
1. Moral Obligation: it is the duty of...

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