Market Segmentation Essay

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A good way to think about what is involved when segmenting and targeting markets, and then positioning in them This is the clip from Metropolis, that famous science fiction movie from the turn of the century that describes dystopia, a world without individual expression and no need for marketers! Yes, it wouldn't be too good to live in such a world at all......... This is the advertisement from Dell. It shows the complete oppositive, where individual needs are catered for. This clip is the one about Orange Country Choppers. It is a reality tv show that shows what happens on a day-to-day basis at a firm which is committed to providing highly customised products, in this case special one-off designed chopper bikes. This clip is from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. The whole movie could be described as the ultimate product placement. However, it can also be seen as defining the need for some young people to have glamour in their life. This clip is of Professor Prahalad describing Marketing to the Bottom of the Pyramid. For those of you who were interested to know of one good example of developing something for the bottom of the pyramid, here's the clip I showed in the Thursday class. It's about special heavy-duty, cheapish wheelchairs. Note that this charitable organisation sets up workshops in impoverished countries to provide work for the people. They organise for these chairs to be built at a low price and then subsidised by American charities. Once the chair is built, it is given to someone who has lost the use of their limbs in the country. Often this is for free,

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