Market Research Project On Consumer Perceptions About The Organized Retail Stores In India Essay

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Summary of the Project The objective of the project was to find the perceptions and preferences about the organized retail stores. Thus, to find out that an online survey was conducted by emailing the Questionnaire to 150 people. Samples were randomly picked from the available data. However, while drawing out the results, only those responses were counted who had first had exposure to any organized retail chain store and unorganized retail shops as well. It was found out that all the respondents still make purchases in local retail stores due to reasons like :- proximity, small purchase, credit facility. And at last it was suggested that, organized sectors can open their subsidiary shops, for small day to day items, to capture the remaining market. And also credit facility along with home delivery facility should be given to loyal customers to capture new customers and retaining existing customers. Problem definition:- In 2005 Indian retail industry amounted to Rs. 10,000 billion and organized retail market accounted of Rs. 350 billion, which is about 3.5% of total revenue. Industry is expected to rise at a growth rate of 8.5 % and it is expected to cross Rs. 1000 billion by 2010. (Source: It is evident that organized retail is growing at a very fast rate but still it constitutes a very less part of total retail market. With this research we tried to find out why people still shop at unorganized retail stores and don’t go for frequent or repeat purchase in organized retail stores. To find out the key problem areas, we designed the questionnaire to know, which department of the store consumers likes or dislikes most and also which step in whole sale process, customers find difficult and thus hesitate from going to big retail store outlets. Objectives:-

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