Market Research in China Essay

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White Paper September 2011 Market Research in China: Considerations David Ying Hon Ho, Research Director, Market Strategies International As the world’s sixth largest market for market research, China was measured at USD918 million in 2009 (latest available data from ESOMAR). Though one-sixth the size of the US market, this figure is double the size of China’s market research industry in 2005. This amazingly fast growth is partly because commercial market research is relatively new: The first Chinese market research provider, Guangzhou Marketing Research, celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2008. Market research in China has a number of unique qualities. The purpose of this article is to present China-specific market research considerations, with references to the technology market as experienced by Market Strategies International. Socialist Legacy Today, when you walk the streets of Beijing and Shanghai, you barely feel that the country was a socialist economy in the recent past. However, some legacies of the socialist era remain that are important to researchers. One obvious trait is the economic sector division; not only are there public and private sectors as seen in the West, but there is also the additional “state-owned enterprise” (SOE) sector. SOEs are typically monolithic companies founded during the socialist era, employing tens and even hundreds of thousands of people, such as China Mobile or China Unicom, 2 of the world’s biggest telecom operators. As the name “stateowned enterprise” suggests, SOEs are profit-making companies that participate and compete in the national as well as global markets at the same time that their goals and strategies are influenced by government initiatives and policies. In fact, government officials are formally part of the SOE management. It is sometimes hard to draw the line between government and business in SOE

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