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Checklist for Market research: assessment 2 This is a list of everything that must be included in your assessment to pass. I will be using this as my marking schedule. This is guidance only, you are expected to understand what each bullet point means. P3 1)Clear title page. 2)A copy of the research brief (the one provided by Cebu or 3 Amigo’s) 3)Define the problem (your understanding of what the research brief wants you to do) 4)The Objectives which should be briefly explained. 5) Collection methods – at least one primary and one secondary-, with explanation as to why you are using them, and how they link to your objectives. (Techniques used in p1 or discussed pg 239-245) 6) Your sample method, (either quota or stratified) and must explain exactly how you are going to use it: example I will use quota…..quota is…. I will issue 10 questionnaires to…. 10 to …. And 20 to…. (read page 257 -259 if unsure) 7) Plan of work / responsibility matrix, who does what and when. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT ALL STUDENTS PARTICIPATE IN EACH TASK…. THIS MUST BE STATED ON THE PLAN OF WORK (page 253). 8) Create a forecast! A prediction of what the findings will be. P4 You must do at least 1 type of primarary and 1 type of secondary research which were stated in P3. Primary = questionnaire Secondary= up to you, (recommend Internet research), Both the primary and secondary research must help to answer all of the objectives. Attach all questionnaires at the back of the assessment label it appendix a. P5 1) Create a findings heading: This goes underneath the forecast section. It must include all tabulated data, and tabulated dated for the different parts of the sample group. 2) For each question the mean, median, or mode must be found. And explained (one sentence) 3) You must show different interquartile ranges for at least one of your questions. 4)

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