Market Planning Essay

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Building Your Marketing Plan (BYMP) Your final marketing plan should be between 4,000 and 6,000 words and must follow all APA guidelines. A sample marketing plan is providing in Doc Sharing. BYMP Week 1 (20 points): 1. Page 24 - Select your product or service and write a company description as shown in Appendix A 2. Page 52 (item 2 only) - Write the mission statement, goals, competitive advantage and perform a SWOT analysis. BYMP Week 2 (30 points): 1. Page 91 - Identify trends related to the social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory forces that relate to your product or service and explain how each force represents a threat or an opportunity. 2. Page 139 - Perform a consumer analysis for the product or service in your marketing plan. You will use this in your marketing mix decision. 3. Page 161 - Estimate size of market using research you have done by analyzing information you can find in industry and trade publications and associations. By using the Internet to also research articles written by trade journals and industry experts and spokesmen. The government census is also a great resource for such industry statistics to help formulate market estimates and forecasts: U.S. Census BYMP Week 3 (20 points): 1. Page 222 - Identify the most useful information you would most like to have and identify a source for the data. 2. Page 249 - Prepare a market-product grid to focus your marketing and forecast sales. BYMP Week 4 (20 points): 1. Page 275 - Fine tune your product strategy and identify points of difference of the product and generate ideas for new products. 2. Page 304 - Identify stage in product life cycle, marketing mix, branding and packaging strategies. BYMP Week 5 (20 points): 1. Page 352 - Establish preliminary pricing and calculate break-even under different pricing
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