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Market Analysis Summary Themis Consulting group will adopt a fairly intently focused market strategy based on three markets. Based on our experience in the online gaming system we are able to divide the market into three broad consumer segments. * A logical segmentation breaks the market down into the following: The hard core market, the moderate market, and the mass market segment. Descriptions are provided below. * The largest and most logical target markets for Themis are the hard core market. Hard-core PC gamers may be relatively small in number, but do they ever spend a lot of time and money on their hobby! Reliable estimates put the number of these players at between at least 4 million and possibly as many as 6.5 to 7 million in the US alone, of which at least half play either PWs or retail hybrids regularly online. The total worldwide may be as high as 15 million. * Moderate gamers are the great untapped market segment of online game players. These consumers tend to spend substantial amounts of time and money on games, but are often slow to adopt new technologies/products. Their population is more difficult to estimate than that of the hard-core segment. We believe there are probably 15–20 million people in the US that fit into this category and perhaps double that worldwide, of which maybe half actually play or have played an online game of some kind. * Mass-market consumers tend to prefer playing games that are easy to learn and short in duration. They grew up on familiar card, casino, and word games, such as poker, bridge, and various forms of trivia, and also on social board games, such as Scrabble, Monopoly, and Risk. It seems likely there are at least 70 million of these consumers in the U.S., and from 140–200 million worldwide. The current mass-market online game niche is probably around 35 million in the US and 60–100 million

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