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Marketing Synopsis Charles Barker RES/341 4/20/2011 James Malachowski In the business world statistical research is the foundation for most all businesses to determine whether or not the organization will introduce a new product good or service into a new market. In most cases companies will conduct some type of study for a new product either because of competition, or to bring a new style to the world of business. Either way for that product good or service to succeed and have longevity, the research behind it has to be concrete. In this synopsis one will define the business research and its purpose, the problems that may be under investigation. He or she will also look at the collection methods used in the project. Business Research and its Purpose In 1984 a company called Catalina Marketing Corporation founded and online marketing complain called the research of this was to evovle the coupon industry to mainstream online. Its intended purpose was to advertise coupons online along with generating an online stream of advertising for larger companies like Campbell Soup, General Mills and Kraft Foods. Coupon network has also expanded their savings from just food, electronic items like toys from Fisher Price, to light bulbs General Electric. The company set a record last year of 6.5 billion distributed to customers last year. Problems Under Investigation At this point there are no for seen problems under investigation. Data Collection Method The method of collecting their data behind this is to see how much people would use the coupons online. Their success was prosperous. Not only did they get people to use them 24/7, but also it generated business from the youth through their promo of your bucks. It has got the youth to purchase online because they did not read the paper and get the Sunday coupons. Conclude

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