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Title: Market analysis of Sony LCD BRAVIA TELEVISION Name: Date: University name: Introduction Market analysis is the process of monitoring the target market and taking necessary steps in order to increase the sales and performance. Organization tends to collect data from internal and external environment for positioning their products in the market. It helps to develop marketing strategies for product differentiation and line extension. In this paper, we are going to discuss market analysis of Sony LCD Bravia Television. Background Sony Corporation is established on May 7, 1946, to manufacture numerous electronic items. The manufacturing unit of Sony is located in Japan, North America, Asia and Europe. It consists of more than 1, 26,000 employees all over the world. The company is engaged in producing a variety of audio products, video products, television, personal computer and laptops. They have set a trend in all these products by adapting advanced technology. In addition to their own manufacturing plant, Sony also has some contract manufacturers for producing certain products. Their products are distributed all over the world through sales subsidiaries and distribution channels. (Sony. n.d.).They are focused on producing various products and services, which includes: * Image-based software * Television products * Recorded music * Financial services like life and non-life insurance * Banking operations * Network service business in Japan Sony has gained a name “world class” in producing and delivering consumer electronic goods. The competitive strategy of Sony includes accurate manufacturing skills, innovative technology, high quality and reliability. According to Sony representatives, “creativity" is the main concept in Sony. They are the leaders in introducing new and innovative products to the market. ( Naclerio, 1993) To manufacture

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