Marked Essay

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Marked is the first novel in the House of Night series written by established romance author P.C. Cast in collaboration with her teenaged daughter, Kristin Cast. Ever since Stephenie Meyer took the Young Adult genre by storm with Twilight, her tale of teenaged vampire romance, there has been no stopping vampires in the YA genre. With the glut of vampire fiction in the current YA market it takes something special to standout from the crowd. Marked seems to have that something special and ticks all the right boxes as it gets the House of Night series off to a strong start. Aimed at older teenaged (16+) readers Marked is a good mixture of sexy romance, fantasy, horror and mystery - giving its coming-of-age theme an edge of dark intrigue. The story starts with Zoey getting Marked (it’s a bit like winning the supernatural lottery only without a cash prize) up until then she had been a normal human teenager but once Marked her normal life becomes a thing of the past as she is now destined to change into a vampyre, or die. Marked has an interesting vampire mythology. In the world of the House of Night books, vampirism is triggered in some individuals around the time of puberty. Adult vampyres can sense when somebody has been chosen and they send out a tracker to mark them accordingly. Once Marked a symbol of the crescent moon appears on forehead of the chosen person. They have to go the House of Night which acts as a school for fledgling vampyres. At the time of entering the school they are not actually vampyres and if their body doesn’t accept the change they will die before they can become one. Not human but humane, is the way that one of Zoey’s new vampyre teachers describes being a vampyre. no copyright
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