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Eric Kwame Nyantakyi Professor Love Theology 106 March 6, 2013 Reflection of Mark The beginning of Mark talks about how John the Baptist prepared the way. When I was in Sunday school, I was taught that some people believed that John the Baptist was the “chosen one” even though in Mark 1:7, John preached that the one who will come after him is mightier than he was. I was surprised that some people did not know of the coming of Christ. Because if they did, they would have known that John the Baptist was just a messenger of God preparing the way for the son of God. [The question running through my head is, if the priests and scribes called themselves men of God, then why did they not preach about the coming of the Messiah? Because if they had preached about who the Messiah was, then nobody would have questioned who Jesus Christ was]. In Mark 2:17, Jesus said that he came not to call the righteous but sinners. [I was glad when I read this because the way sinners were treated at that time and are treated now is just horrible]. They were basically seen and judged by priests and scribes as people not worthy of the kingdom of God. But this passage shows that Jesus came to save the sinners so that they can also get a chance at the kingdom of God. [In churches today, sinners are seen as filthy by their fellow humans but the bible says that they are the ones Christ came to die for. In my church, I have seen a lot of people who have committed certain sins they didn’t intentionally want to commit and their fellow humans judge them like they are the ones going to give them passage to the kingdom of God. I know of this one lady who committed a sin and the church leaders punished her severely to the point that her children are being affected by this punishment. Humans these days act like they know the kingdom of God so well that they can tell who will and who will not have

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