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In mark Twains essay “Following The Equator” he speaks of a dog on a train coming too Baroda with a man that is very pride full of his pet. Twain is very polite through out the entire essay never calling the dog ugly or not attracting, but instead describing him as “Structurally weak” using words of pity more then disgust. He describes the owners feelings towards the dog as “As a mother about her child when it’s an idiot.” The owner went on to explain that he is a game hunter and this dog loved too hunt elephants, I’m sure of it, it might not run if it saw one coming, but it looked too me like a dog that would sit down and pray” Dave Barry’s essay “Batting clean-up and striking out” he describes the difference between men and women in many different sanarios. “The difference between men and women is that women can see extremely small quantities of dirt” which is due too a “hormonal secretion” which he says enables them to see a smaller amount of dirt “at the level of molecules” that which you’re man just cannot do. He goes on too support his statement by using the ancient city of Pompeii too his advantage. “This can lead to tragedy, as it did in the ill-fated ancient city of Pompeii, where the residents all got killed when the local volcano erupted and covered them with a layer of ash twenty feet deep.” He explains that by the time the men noticed that the children had already been covered in ash and that it was sadly already to late. Berry uses an example about how whenever his wife asks him too clean there child’s bathroom that after the task is complete his wife does not even notice that he had cleaned it at

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