Mark 5:9-12 Essay

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Mark 5:9-12 The Bible is the most widely published book in the world and translated into every language. What if the Bible was written last year with the same text. I am a Christian and, and I love the Bible. I find it comforting especially in times of need I have studied it intensely and devoutly. I love the Bible with all of my heart. I thought it would be interesting to look at a particular Bible verse as if it was told in today’s modern era . To understand a specific ancient story in light of current scientific and medical knowledge. In the book of Mark here is one example: The story is told of a man possessed with demons whom Jesus met while he was traveling. This man lived "amongst the tombs" and was naked and cut himself. When asked directly the man said there were many demons "legions." And so the story goes that Jesus cast these demons out, curing the man, and that these demons went into a herd of swine (pigs) who then "ran violently down a steep place into the sea." First I would say these stories were written by men with superstitious minds Deconstruction of this story involves taking the knowledge we have now and going back in time to explain those events. So here is how the story would read using today’s knowledge. There was a mentally ill man who was homeless. He suffered from a severe mental illness (probably paranoid schizophrenia), hence the man saying "have you come to torment me". Jesus apparently got the man some clothes to wear and after "casting out the demons" sat and talked with him probably sharing some food with him. People with mental illness do have lucid moments where they think they are cured. A common problem in trying to keep those on psychiatric medicine, they think they are no longer mentally ill. Jesus and friends treated this man so nicely he wanted to travel with Jesus and his group. Jesus said no. Told the man to go

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