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At first glance, the life of Marissa Mojica would seem very much like most young Americans: upbeat, fast paced, with no time for anything else. At second glance one would find pretty much the same thing, but at third glance, one would come to find a lot more about this young woman: intelligent, funny, and most importantly very aware of the world around her and her own place in it. These would seem very contradictory traits in comparison to the things that Missy (Marissa) herself owns: lavish clothes and expensive beauty products. Although it is mostly certain that the majority of people in this world people also own clothes and some degree of beauty products (tooth paste counts!), not all human beings can claim ownership to a seven hundred…show more content…
If you were to see her walking down the street today, you would not see expensive shoes or a latte in her hand (as you might have a few years ago). Instead you would see her wearing something that, in her case, cost more than a new pair of Italian boots, a new smile. Missy was born, the youngest child of four to John Mojica and Lydia Regalado. Both the Regalados* and Mojicas were a beautiful people, and the children they created were equally beautiful. Missy remembers looking up to her elders as a young girl: “I grew up adoring my parents and their siblings. All the men were handsome and all the women were gorgeous. My aunt Anna** was even a model for a bridal magazine!” Growing up in such a beautiful family had its problems though. Although Missy had no trouble competing with her two older brothers in the “Most Beautiful Mojica” pageant, it was her older sister Caroline who proved to be quite the competition. Only two years older than Missy, Caroline was the girl “all the boys wanted”. She won all the popularity contests and was “most beautiful” in all of her high school year books (Mojica). Just as she had

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