Marion Jones: The Dangers Of Steroids

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Steroids Steroids have been around for a very long time. There are many types of steroids. Steroids for medical usage, performance enhancing steroids,and many others. There has been many cases of professional Athletes using performance enhancing steroids. To name a few; Marion Jones, Jose Canseco, and Roger Clemens. Steroids can be harmful, they can destroy lives, and careers if not used properly. I feel steroids are unnecessary. If you have to use drugs or any other legal substances to perform better, you are a fraud In this paper I will try to express to you the dangers of steroid use. Marion Jones was a world renounced Olympic track and field star. She is a three time Olympic gold medalist. In 2000 she was announced as the worlds fastest woman by the Olympic Commission. In 2007 certain allegations lead her to confession of steroids use in the 2000 Olympic games. Marion Jones plead guilty to lying to a federal agent about her steroid use. As a result she was stripped of her gold metals, and has to serve six months jail time. She has betrayed her fans and supporters, and has cheated other worthy opponents of the fame and fortune that she earned as a fraud. Not only has this affected her fans and supporters but has brought embarrassment upon her family and friends, and because of her jail time, her…show more content…
Steroids can cause high blood pressure which can damage the heart or blood vessels. Liver damage, it can effect your growth, reduce your sperm count, causes impotence, and enlarged your prostates. For the females it can causes breast reduction, menstrual problems, and she can develop male features. “We all know a brother don't want that.” Steroids can not only effect us physically but emotionally too. A person can become angry, hostile, depressed, develop thoughts of suicide, anxiety, panic attacks, hallucinations, and sever mood swings. Which can cause difficulties in life and

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