Marion Essay

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Ordinary People Would you try to move on? or smother it with care and love? The Jarrett family from Ordinary People had lost Buck. Calvin, Beth, and Conrad all had different ways to cope with Buck's death which led to pain, sorrow, and the family into pieces. The problems presented between Beth and Calvin's relationship are show in Beth's tendency to run away from problems, Calvin caring too much and Beth seeming not to care, and Calvin blaming himself for Conrad's incident. Beth has a tendency to run away from problems specially emotional problems. This is shown in chapter 25 page 203. Audrey says "that you have to be careful with Beth I mean emotion is her enemy. She wants everything to go smoothly, to go right. You know, the way she's planned it." then Calvin remembers what Carole Lazenby's words at lunch that day. "She's a perfectionist.... She never lets herself get trapped..." Beth and Calvin's arguments all lead up to this problem. She tends to run away and their problems do not get solved. Thus leading to certain events that build up and all that emotions that were bottled up finally explodes. Emotions are not supposed to be bottled in. Calvin carrying too much and Beth seeming not to care at all. Is shown in Chapter 28 page 236. "Why are you so obsessed?" Beth snaps "God, I am sick of talking, talking, talking about him! He controls you, even when he's not around even when he's two thousand miles away." Calvin caring too much leaves no room for Beth and since she tends to run away problems. She doesn't seem to care. Which then leaves to the problem building up. Not only is there no more communication between Calvin and Beth. He seems to obsess over someone else and leaves Beth hanging. Calvin blaming himself for Conrad's incident. Is shown in Chapter 17 page 146. "I'm getting a feeling from you," Berger says "of heavy guilt about missing the
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