Marilyn Monroe Effect On Society

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In the world today, we, the public, spend so much time admiring stars from Hollywood and many of us want to be like them. Yet, there is so much pressure placed on them and sometimes this becomes all too much for them to cope with and they end up taking away their own life. This is the unpleasant and tragic side of being famous as we are all made to believe that fame will make you happy. Marilyn Monroe a talented and beautiful iconic star but, her fame was the death of her. Before Marilyn’s death, she had accomplished a lot for women in the U.S.’s society. Marilyn was known for being a sex symbol. She was one of the first women to be overly sexual and play sweet naïve, and innocent…show more content…
It was stated that she died of probable suicide. Many people believed that foul play took place in the crime scene. Marilyn’s autopsy was done by Dr. Thomas Noguchi, whom investigated for lethal overdose of Nembutal and chloral hydrate. Noguchi claimed that Monroe had ingested about 50 pills at once; in spite there was no water around in when investigators searched the crime scene.” Nembutal capsules, when digested, leave a yellow discoloration on the lining of the intestines. But there was no such discoloration noted in Marilyn’s autopsy. In fact no partially digested capsules even existed in her digestive track.” (Bell 4). A conspiracy made by many was that she was involved with a notorious Chicago crime boss Sam Giancana. “George Masters, Marilyn's now-deceased hair stylist, claimed that the night before she died, Marilyn spent a romantic evening with Giancana at Sinatra's lodge in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. In addition to wooing the starlet, Giancana purportedly used the evening to try to convince Marilyn to keep her amorous relationship with john f. Kennedy under wraps.” (Tru 9) Giancana planned to use the information about the secret affair between her and JFK as a black mail tactic to keep Kennedy from arresting him for all the crimes he committed. There was also many others stating that the government killed her because “she knew too

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