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There were many inspirational women during the 1950’s but the one woman that struck me the most was the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. If I ever had the opportunity to travel back in time to be someone else, I would choose to be her. She was an inspiration to young girls everywhere because she was so comfortable in her skin. She also took her talents to the top and became a mega star. Regardless if it’s 2012 or 1950, young girls struggle with self-confidence issues. Marilyn Monroe was not the skinniest girl ever and she loved her body. She put out the message that tall, short, skinny, fat, white, or black you should always love the body you were given. One of her famous quotes was, “I’m living proof that you can still be adored by thousands, even when your thighs touch.” That speaks to me as well as many other girls in this world, still today. When Marilyn Monroe was a young girl, she was an orphan. She wasn’t wealthy and moved from place to place. Being in that environment, she wasn’t given the opportunities young to show her talents to the world. Despite her unfortunate situation during her childhood, she did not give up her dream. She quickly became noticed and was one of Hollywood’s most looked up to actress, singer, and model. Devastatingly, towards the end of Monroe’s life, she became very troubled. She was using drugs and contemplated suicide many times. Taking the place of Monroe, I would have made better decisions, because I would be thrilled if she was still around to inspire girls even more, still today. Marilyn Monroe was beautiful and strong willed. She inspires me more than any other historical woman. If I had the chance, I would go back to the 1950’s and become one of the biggest names’ Hollywood has ever

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