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Nicole Aldrich Composition Instructor March 8.16.2013 The Life Of Marilyn Although Marilyn Monroe did not live a long life and suffered extreme traumatic events throughout her childhood, there are many things she is remembered and idolized for today. Throughout her life as a growing super star, Marilyn did many things that got her well recognized in the media and throughout the world. Marilyn was a very confident and brave woman, and with her past that meant a lot. Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1st 1926 as Norma Jean Mortenson but was known as Norma Jean Baker because of her mother’s first husband. When Marilyn was just an infant her mother placed her in the care of another couple because she herself was unable to financially provide. At the age of seven Marilyn was able to live with her mother Gladys who was able to get a job and provide. Living with her mother was temporarily because Gladys soon started facing depression and was later placed in and out of psych wards. Throughout Marilyn’s childhood she was bouncing around from home to home and was allegedly molested in one of them. Feelings of abandonment, loneliness, and insecurity had taken onto Marilyn. Marilyn later settled into a family friend who she had formally stayed with elder aunts home, where she was taken well care of. She soon gained a lot of confidence and was finally in a stable environment. A few years after Aunt Ana was becoming too old and sick to care for Marilyn so instead of going back to an orphanage, little 16 year old Norma Jean wed her first husband 21 year old Jim Dougherty. Norma later describes her relationship as an unhappy one not because Jim was a bad guy more because she was in a forced marriage and they just grew apart. During the few years of her first marriage Norma moved into Jim’s mother’s home when Jim was shipped overseas and she began working at the Radio

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