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Marilyn Monroe’s mysterious death By Laine van Deventer One of the most celebrated and loved actresses; Marilyn Monroe was a sensation back in the 20th century. Monroe was known for her earthy sexuality and innocence, she was an extremely successful model, actress and singer. However her tragic death came much too soon, which left many people mind blown as to what truly happened to their seducing goddess. Marilyn Monroe’s official death cause was suicide; many people believed that it was a legitimate explanation until further investigations. Conspiracy theories were then formed, which created alternative viewpoints to suggest a different account for the unexpected event. Although Marilyn’s official explanation of her death was strongly believed, researchers debate the fact that their conspiracy theory is clear and genuine evidence of what happened. Throughout Marilyn Monroe’s life we can see how her official death was not that of the conspiracy theory, which was a legitimate explanation of the event. Researchers advocate this through the official theory the conspiracy theory as well as Monroe’s relationships with everyone around her. Marilyn Monroe’s death was first thought of to be a suicide; lots of people knew that she suffered depression. This was the official cause of her death and was the most widely believed. She had tired many times before in her life and suffered major mood swing as well as bipolar. The only thing wrong with this theory is that nothing matches up; all the evidence that should intertwine with theory doesn’t, making her suicide seem not legitimate at all. The reason why this theory was so strongly believed was because of the medication she took, barbiturates, this is a heavy dose of sleeping pill, however overdose can lead to severe sickness and possible death. With the provided facts a great number of forensic scientists and experts

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