Marilyn Manson Essay

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Marilyn Manson Brian Warner, better known as Marilyn Manson is a very sick and demonic man. The so called “rock singer” is a recruiter of the church of Satan. There he was given the title “reverend” by Anton LaVey (Founder of the first church of satan and author of the satanic bible.) Warner began worshiping Anton LaVey from the time he was a teenager. Brian Warner went to a Heritage Christian school in Ohio, but still wasn’t a believer in Christ. Some people say it was because of the false story that is circulating around the internet; it states that Brian Warner was rejected as a teenager from a youth church group. It says since he looked and dressed differently than the others they wanted nothing to do with him, so he turned to satanism. This story leaves out a lot of important details. The real reason was because Brian Warner would show up in black clothing and would be wearing satanic t-shirts. He would try and persuade the other teenagers by telling them “satan rules”. He also admitted to being a homosexual and a child molester. Children attend church to learn more about God and have a relationship with Him, and for someone like Brian Warner to show up in a church of God and be promoting Satan is just wrong. Those kids were in their right mind to reject communication with Manson. Yes, at first you should try and reach out to someone like that in hopes that they will change their evil ways. But when they start to openly reject learning about God and having a relationship with him, and try to start trouble in the house of God. That shows disrespect to God. Teenagers go to church because they are obeying God by coming out of the world as said in 2 Corinthians 6: 14. New King James Version “What fellowship has the believer with the non believer, what fellowship has sin with righteousness, what fellowship has Jesus with the devil, what fellowship has
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