Marijuna Essay

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Topic: Marijuana should be legalized. Gut reaction: No way! People are fine the way they are now. They shouldn’t have to rely on drugs to satisfy their needs. The “other side:” -Prohibition has failed to control the use and domestic production of marijuana. -Legalized marijuana would reduce the flow of money from the American economy to international criminal gangs. -Marijuana is not a lethal drug and is safer than alcohol. - Marijuana use has positive attributes, such as its medical value and use as a recreational drug with relatively mild side effects. - A regulated, legal market in marijuana would reduce marijuana sales and use among teenagers, as well as reduce their exposure to other drugs in the illegal market. My critical responses to each point: -Probation- This seems logical to me but it doesn’t mean that probation has failed for everyone. There is good and bad to every story. For the people who keep breaking probation they’re obviously addicted so they should be moved up from probation to something more critical like an abusers clinic. Then maybe they will get the help they needed all along. -Legalized Marijuana- This seems like a pretty logical statement to me, but even if it was legalized people in gangs would still be out there trying to sell it. If they were unable make money off the marijuana they might start trying to sell even more types of drugs to people to make up for the loss of marijuana. -Safer than alcohol- This sounds very accurate to me, but there is also a lot of other long term side effects caused by marijuana which doesn’t happen to people who use alcohol. Alcohol is legal so it is obviously better than marijuana. Also, you have to be twenty-one to use it so you are responsible unlike someone who is smoking when they are in there youth. -Medical value- I agree with this statement to a certain extent, but then there is
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