Marijuana Use with Teenagers Essay

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Marijuana use with teenagers Introduction Marijuana, a product of the sativa plant, is a hard drug that adolescents around the globe largely abuse, and it is illegal in many nations. Most teenagers admit to have abused the drug, due to yielding to pressure from their peers. Some parents also share the blame for teenagers’ marijuana abuse. Marijuana poses great threat to the economic, social, mental and physical wellbeing of the individuals and the larger society. Surprisingly, most teenagers are unaware of the dangers of marijuana usage. It is therefore vital for involved parties to look into ways of eliminating this scourge. Factors promoting Teenage marijuana use Numerous teens confess to have experienced marijuana from their peers. They claim their friends compelled them to abuse the drug, in order to ‘fit in’ within the group (Cermak, 2013). Research also indicates that many teenagers smuggle the drug to schools and introduce it to peers at cheap prices. These teens deceive their friends with myths of increased performance on marijuana usage and improved body sensation (Hanson, 2006). Adolescents from unstable families prove to be the most vulnerable, since they abuse the drug as a source of relief from various home predicaments. Some parents are also responsible for teenagers’ marijuana abuse. Studies show that numerous families engage in marijuana smuggling and peddling as their key income source. This compels children from such families to abuse the drug at an early age (Cermak, 2013). Such teenagers find it okay to abuse the drug and may continue up to adulthood. Recent technological advancements make it possible for teenagers to access various forms of information regarding the drug (Hanson, 2006). Some information found in numerous forms of media such as radio and the Internet are unfounded and misleading. These media forms appear to be promoting

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