Marijuana Usage Essay

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Phase 5: The Report Introduction: The topic that was chosen to be researched was marijuana usage among teen males at St. Jean de Brebeuf. This topic was chosen because every day there are many students who involve themselves in experimenting with marijuana and being around the drug because they have friends or friends of friends who are involved in smoking marijuana. The question that was to be asked was “What are the driving causes among male teenagers from grade nine through twelve and what its long-term effects marijuana has on them?” This is a valid area of study because it is something that occurs every day at St. Jean de Brebeuf and it is something that students are constantly exposed to. This is a necessary research question because marijuana abuse is so prevalent today among all teenagers at every school. This research question can help to answer questions we may not have had the answers to and can help to educate us on what marijuana can do to our body and mind and the effects that it has on every different person. Methods of Research: The methods of research that were used was conducting a survey and going to random classes and going up to people of random choice and asking them if they can fill out a survey. All of the info was acquired at St. Jean de Brebeuf by males between grades nine through twelve. For secondary research, many of the answers may not have been valid because people may have lied about whether they have done marijuana before or they may have felt uncomfortable answering some of the questions because they were too personal. For the primary research, the sample groups were of teenaged males from grades nine through twelve at Brebeuf and were all high school students. The sample groups were selected by random picks of classrooms and by grade as well. The focus group was male teenagers that attended Brebeuf. The procedure used to

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