Marijuana Should Be Banned

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Topic: Marijuana should be banned Argue for or against this topic I am supporting this topic that marijuana should be banned. Marijiuana should be banned because it is dangerous to health. Marijuana makes you do anything that you feels to to do . Using marijuana may lead you to do dangerious activities and may make your family ashamed of you. Inaddition,it is an unsociable hobby. Smoking marijuana makes you addicted to it and makes you have to get it everyday. That makes it an hobby for you . It affects you in the long run but you do not know whats going on inside of you. You enjoy the sweet scent of it and the intoxicated fellings it gives you. Thus, it shows a lack of disicipline and consequently reflects a weakness of character. Marijuana makes you look characterless in your village . when people know that you are smoking marijuana , they discriminate you cause they are afraid if you hurt them. They are even scared to look at your face whenever you are passing in the street because you are dangerous to them and their family. Knowing that they may want to call the police to got you locked up. Marijuana destroys your life especially if you are a young person. It also makes you feel left out of something whenever you do not have it to smoke. As a result, marijuana should be banned because it leads to dangerous activities for the one smoking it and it also make people afraid of their own villagers. Marijuana may also lead to death if someone over smokes it. It can make that person mentally ill after certain times.

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