Marijuana: Prop 19 Essay

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California is known for Hollywood, having several major cities, population, and its deficit. California is estimated to have a forty two billion dollar debt. Out of the 50 states in the country, California has the highest numbers in negative despite being the most productive states in the country. Which is why proposition 19 should be passed, the state will benefit tremendously from it. The profit from marijuana sales could also be used to help pay off the debt. When marijuana is illegal, the government ends up spending unnecessary and ample sums of money just to interrogate marijuana users from the public. Some people may argue that smoking marijuana isn’t a serious and dangerous crime; it’s comparable to drinking with less health deteriorating consequences. The state currently spends tens of millions of dollars per year for keeping marijuana users on probation or parole. In addition to that, the government has to spend even more money for marijuana programs. The passing of prop 19 would solve California’s overcrowded prison issue; there would be more cells to contain vitally “danger to society” criminals. The legalization of marijuana also allows the government to stop spending money they don’t have. Not only would the state be able to cut back on spending if marijuana was made legal, but the state could profit from marijuana sales. The profit made from the sale could be used to pay off the $42 billion dollar deficit. According to the state board of equalization, by charging people $50 per ounce, the state could make an estimated $1.4 billion dollars a year. The price would limit marijuana users from smoking excessively to a point where it starts to affect their daily lives. The state could use money to pay off the deficit or fund much needed programs. By legalizing marijuana, the government would have more control over production. Legalizing proposition

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