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Andrew C. Berman 11 April 2014 Legalization of Marijuana Marijuana is a very prominent and controversial issue in today’s society, and though the federal government views it as a major gateway drug, it has fewer side effects than any other prescribed drug on the market. Those who partake in marijuana have a very negative perception as one who is lazy, unmotivated, and not willing to live in reality this is due to several years of misinformation that was spread by those in private firms who wanted cannabis illegal for their own personal gains. Yearly there is more than 51 billion dollars spent by the federal government in regards to the war on drugs, and there are 200,000 plus students are losing financial aid due to being convicted of drug use ( To start off I would like to give the history of marijuana. Medical marijuana and marijuana have had a very long and lengthy history of repeated use with in the United States. The first time was from 1900-1940, when marijuana, opium, and cocaine where considered to be a part of everyday drug use. As years progressed the U.S. began to crack down on the use of opioids and they were soon outlawed and they continued to be very relaxed on the use of marijuana. As time continued, the use of marijuana was highly frowned upon thus marijuana became illegal and the U.S. government became strict on laws pertaining to the use of cannabis. In the early 1980's laws started to become increasingly worse, and in the mid 1990's and early 2000's scientist produced studies that showed major results on the use of cannabis. Scientist discovered that using marijuana can significantly assist people who have become sick. The use of medical marijuana has shown to help those who suffer from cataracts, cancer, and severe depression, and these are just a few of the diseases out there that cannabis

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