Marijuana Legalization Essay

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“Should Marijuana Be Legalized” Should Marijuana Be Legalized Marijuana comes from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. The main psychoactive in marijuana is called tetrahydro-cannabinol or THC. This is the part of the plant that gives the well-known and sought after “high.” Cannabis can be used in three main forms: marijuana, hashish and hash oil. [1] On the street, it is called by many other names, such as: dope, ganja, grass, Mary Jane, pot, reefer and weed. Hashish is a related form of the drug, made from the resins of the Indian hemp plant. It is also six times stronger than marijuana. The effectiveness of marijuana has been on the rise in the last few decades. In 1990 the strength was around 3.7% and in 2013 it was 9.6%. [2] Marijuana should be removed from the criminal justice system and regulated in a manner similar to alcohol and tobacco. Legalizing and regulating marijuana will bring the nation's highest revenue sources in law, creating jobs and economic opportunities in the formal economy instead of the illicit market. State and local governments would acquire significant new sources of tax revenue from regulating marijuana sales. [3] Twenty-three states have passed medical marijuana laws legalizing the use and manufacturing of medical marijuana for qualifying patients under state law. However, the medical use of marijuana remains illegal under federal law, and patients in the remaining states go without any legal access. Even in states where medical marijuana laws exist, patients and providers are vulnerable to arrest and scrutiny from federal law enforcement. [3] People from inside and outside the medical community will argue that the drug is an effective treatment for a range of conditions, including epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and multiple sclerosis (MS). [4] Research suggests as many as 10% of users

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