Marijuana Legalization Essay

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The Legalization of Marijuana The legalization of marijuana is a very sticky subject. Throughout my life I have heard nothing but negative things said about the use of marijuana. For example, it fries your brain cells and makes you stupid. Silly statements like this are really what our society wants us to believe. But on the contrary, most of the negatives associated with marijuana could not be further from the truth. My friends, marijuana should be legalized. The legalization of marijuana is long overdue and it would do nothing but benefit our country. First of all, marijuana is less dangerous than tobacco yet tobacco is one hundred percent legal. Several studies have stated that marijuana contains some of the same cancer-causing substances contained in tobacco. However, this is far from the truth. These studies measured the amount of tar produced from burning the entire marijuana plant, when it is only the bud that is smoked. When taking this into account, marijuana only produces 1/3 of the tar that the same weight of tobacco would produce. Considering that most tobacco smokers smoke far more than marijuana smokers, tobacco is putting its users at a much greater risk than marijuana. Marijuana is also not chemically addictive what so ever. Tobacco contains a chemical even more addictive than heroin and cocaine, nicotine. Marijuana is also less dangerous than alcohol, another completely legal drug. Smoking marijuana affects alertness, concentration, perception, coordination, and reaction time. So does consuming alcohol, yet it is totally legal. Contrary to what you have heard, marijuana also does not affect your judgment whatsoever. The impairing of judgment is really what makes alcohol such a dangerous substance. People do things that they just would not typically do when under the influence of alcohol. So why not simply place restrictions on driving under the

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