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Right now our tax dollars are being wasted and thrown away in a losing battle, it’s the war on marijuana. Each year we, the US government spends millions maybe even billions of dollars fighting the war on marijuana and even with all those millions of dollars being spent marijuana still flood the US. Also how can we win a fight when around 83 million or about 37% of the US population has tried it?1 You can’t, no buts or what ifs, you can’t. Let’s look at some facts with marijuana’s legal counterparts, alcohol and tobacco. In 1996 and estimated 110,640 people died from alcohol related deaths2 and 430,700 from tobacco3 while zero deaths have EVER been report from marijuana. That is a startling fact since alcohol and tobacco are legal while marijuana still is very illegal. Both alcohol and tobacco are physically addictive while marijuana is not yet both are legal while the less harmful marijuana is made a schedule 1 drug. Lastly let’s look at the medical uses all three of these drugs have. Tobacco has no medical value and is the leading non-natural cause of death in the US. Alcohol also has no medical effects. Marijuana on the other hand has many medical benefits, it is good pain killer, reduces pressure on the eyes for glaucoma sufferers and helps restore appetite in people who have lost weight from cancer or AIDS5. Those are just but a few of the many reason marijuana should be made legal, now lets take a in-depth look into the economic reasons marijuana should be made legal. We will look at three ways the legalization of marijuana would help the US economy, the war on drugs, the prison system and last the revenue raised from its legalization. The White House first declared war on drugs 31 years ago. Three hundred billion dollars later and victory is still nowhere in sight. Six American presidents have fought the anti-drug war, yet despite the billions spent and

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