Marijuana: Is It Worth It? Essay

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Most people have seen or experienced the long-term effects of marijuana usage. It's use is highly controversial because the cannabinoids in marijuana provide relief for patients but is also abused by recreational users. The readily availability of marijuana has increased the amount of users, especially in teenagers. Bobby is a stoner at a local high school. Every day, he smokes marijuana before school because he thinks it is mundane and monotonous and smoking will make school more fun. During class he is unable to focus on lessons, so he plots ways to get high during the school day. When he gets home, he smokes again and munches on whatever he can find. Then he goes to sleep and does none of the homework that was assigned for that night. Bobby is living a life of having no responsibility for his actions and when he grows up, he will struggle to make a good living in his future. Although some usage of marijuana is beneficial to man, the United States should continue to keep the use of marijuana illegal because it is not favorable to society. Marijuana has a detrimental effect on one's health. Marijuana is a mixture of dried, shredded leaves, stems, and seeds of the hemp plant. Most users smoke marijuana in hand rolled cigarettes called “joints.” Others use water bongs, pipes or marijuana cigars called “blunts.” "Ongoing marijuana use distort[s] users’ perception of how they [are] functioning" and contorts the way users view their problems into being much better than they actually are (Gottfried 78). The use of marijuana leads people into a false sense of security when regarding stressful issues. Marijuana also negatively impacts the brain in it's ability to perform tasks. It's "consumption...slows reaction time and impairs motor coordination" which affects one's ability to perform simple tasks like driving (Stimson). Marijuana "alters moods, resulting in

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