Marijuana De-Criminalization Debate

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Current law states that us college students won’t loose our financial aid if we do something grotesque like rape or assault someone. Good news if you’re a rapist, but if you’re just the typical college student who gets caught with weed, then your screwed. Federal law states that since a drug offense is a federal offence and you loose all federal support. Ridiculous of course, but what do you expect this is America. I think that the issue has been ran around for far too long, marijuana must be de-criminalized. Currently its illegality is just doing far more harm then anything else. The facts are out there and have been for a long time. It is proven that marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol. Not one death has ever been reported from…show more content…
In these cities the city law writes that marijuana crimes should not necessarily be enforced, just like how a cop on duty wouldn’t stop in the middle of a street to give a parking ticket. All works out pretty well in these situations so why aren’t more cities adopting these new rules? Well the answer is more complex then you or me will ever know. It is proven that the illegality of this simple plant has more politics and corruption surrounding it than almost anything. Weed was pretty much made illegal to try to prosecute Mexicans that came over in our country many years ago before when Mexicans were the main users of the stuff. There is a lot more to this story, but that’s a whole other paper that I could write. Did you know that the primary crop on George Washington’s plantation was hemp (marijuana plant.) He was not the only president either. Oh and that reminds me, what were the declaration of independence and the constitution originally written on? Oh yeah that’s right, hemp paper. This may sound a little strange to you but it is no secret that the hemp plant has so many uses that we could use and capitalize on. Uses include: food, fuel, clothing and textiles, cosmetics, paints and cleaners, paper, and building materials. George Washington once said, “Make the most of the hemp seed. Sow it everywhere.” Now we have George Bush trying to rid of it all

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