Marijuana Addicting Essay

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In the most recent years the use of Marijuana has taken its toll in the world. Many people look down on smoking Marijuana while other advocate that it's no more harmful than alcohol or nicatine. Which comes to the argument of is Marijuana addicting, or is it in the hands of the user. In the Article "Marijuana Is Not Addictive, By Paul Armentano". Armentano compares being addicting to Marijuana is the same as being addicted to caffeine. He is a strong believer that marijuana is not addicting. Stanton Peele writer of "Marijuana Can Be Addictive" says otherwise. Peele believes it is addicting because the person gets hooked on the physiological aspect of the drug. Both writers disagree on how addicting the Marijuana is, and if the government is part of this. Stanton Peele describes addiction this way. " I have described addiction as a consequence of involvement with absorbing experiences that provide essential emotional satisfactions but that detract from people's ability to cope with their lives". Peele has a valid point, in which the user is in a emotional state in which they want to forget about their problems, and want something to get their mind of problem. That's when they are most fragile to get addicted to Marijuana. Peele went into deep detail about how Marijuana makes negative situations into positive ones. "As a general rule, addicted users come to rely—or depend—on the drug experience as an essential coping mechanism and way of navigating life". Once the person becomes relient to Marijuana for day to day activities, that's when they know they are addicted. Many on the other hand believe that marijuana is not addicting. Paul Armentano Stated "Once again, it's a matter of degree. According to the Institute of Medicine, pot's withdrawal symptoms, when identified, are "mild and subtle" compared with the profound physical syndromes associated with ceasing

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