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WHY WE SHOULD NOT LEGALIZE ORGAN MARKETING All of us have friends, families, love ones, significant others that we truly care about. What if that certain someone became ill and needed a life-saving organ transplant? Are we willing to go under the knife for that person? Are we willing to give up our life for that person? As for me, a person who is loved by many, and a father-to-be, there is no hesitation that I would be going under the knife, and if need be, be willing to sacrifice my life to save my love ones. Unfortunately, not a lot of people do not have the same beliefs as I do, and not all are willing to take the risks and give up a part of themselves to save their love ones. But the reality is that organs are very hard to come by. We can’t just go to our favorite stores and purchase a lung, or a kidney, or a heart. Because of the scarcity of organs available, many who needs organ transplant have to go through different steps and organizations in order to acquire the organs that they so desperately need. The first step they have to do in order to receive organ transplant, is to get on to the national transplant waiting list (Getting on the list. (n.d.). Retrieved from The majority of individuals needing transplant will be turning to the AOPO (Association of Organ Procurement Organization). THE AOPO Currently there are 58 Organ Procurement Organizations in the United States today. The top ranking organization, the NYP-Weill Cornell Living Donor Kidney is located in the heart of New York City and Florida’s LifeLink of Florida as the number 28. Mainly, it has two major functions. One is to increase the number of registered donors, and the second is to coordinate the donation process when a possible donor becomes available. The fact of the matter is that regardless having 58 organizations and several sources in the United

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