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Marijuana Effects in the Human Body System Over the years marijuana has become one of the world’s most abused drug (Pakhare, 2000-2013). According to Gale Virtual Reference Library (2011) marijuana is mainly used as a smoking substance whereas, the user dries the herb and rolls it into a cigarette type roll, and it can be used in foods such as brownies or brewed for tea. Many of our young generations are either smoking the marijuana or selling the marijuana for a profit. There have been debates whether or not to legalize marijuana and every person has their own say to the subject. The main active ingredient in marijuana is called delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or better known as THC, “this chemical constitutes 12% of the active chemicals in marijuana and is responsible for about 70 – 100% of the feeling high experience when ingesting the herb” (“Marijuana, 2011). The strength of marijuana is measured by how much THC it contains which varies upon its consumer (Pakhare, 2000-2013). The term marijuana has several slang words to describe it, but what the marijuana users do not know about the chemical THC, is that it can affect the human body system. (Arenofsky, 2001). When people are exposed to marijuana usage they are risking their health of the chances of getting brain, heart, or lung problems. When a person uses marijuana, they are slowly destroying their brain and its ways of functioning. The most active ingredient in marijuana is THC and when high doses of marijuana is taken into a human system it hits the brain within a few minutes causing some hallucinations, delusions, impaired memory, or disorientation (Buddy, 2012). Once marijuana is inhaled, it quickly passes through the human lungs to the human bloodstream and spreads throughout the body (Pakhare, 2000-2013). While doing so, it gets attached to receptors or the nerves and it stimulates the human’s

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