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ROUGH DRAFT I. Introduction The legalization of drugs has been a controversial topic and key issue pertaining to many individuals, both users and non-users. The debates regarding the use and production of drugs is being argued on both sides but with drug trafficking continually increasing and the production of marijuana specifically growing, it brings about a variety of issues. California Proposition 215 was introduced in 1996 concerning the use of medical cannabis. Marijuana is a drug that is common among society but what does it really consist of? II. History: All of the marijuana preparations people use for their psychoadictive properties derive from the cannabis plant. The first written accounts of cannabis cultivation appear in Chinese records from as far back as 28 B.C., though the plant was likely cultivated for thousands of years before that. The Chinese plant was likely cultivated for thousands of years before that. The Chinese writings indicate that the plant was grown for fiber, but they also recognize its intoxicating and medical properties. In fact, THC have been identified in the internal organs of an Egyptian mummy from approximately 950 B.C by around A.D. 1000, use of the cannabis plantas an intoxicant had spread to the eastern Mediterranean region, and European explorers to this area returned with fascinating stories of the effects of hashish. Cannabis had been introduced to eastern Europe much earlier (around 700B.C.), but not until Napoleon ventured to Egypt in the early nineteenth century did European culture fully acquaint itself with hashish. By the 1840s, recreational use of cannabis products had grown to be quite chic among the artists and intellectuals of France, many of whom used the drug in their search for new ways to enhance creativity to view the world. Although the original European explorers brought cannabis seeds to the New

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