Marihuana Argumentative Essay

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Marijuana should be legalized Some American people are claiming that Marijuana is very harmful drugs which lead children or teenagers for heavy drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, and crack. Marijuana is said to cause damage for the brain and psychological addictive. One has heard about these harmful effects of Marijuana, but Marijuana users have increased since past decade. According to the Marijuana users have double over the past decade. While some people are fighting for Marijuana still illegal or illicit, others are fighting for it to be legal as cigarette and alcohol are. Although some people believe that Marijuana is a gateway and access to others drugs, others believe that Marijuana is a great beneficial for our society such as social, economical, and medical benefits. One benefits for our society is to prevent fewer deaths among civilian and drug dealers. Drug dealers are people who did not have opportunities in their lives or choose the easiest way to make money. Civilian are people who work every day for having their money with honest. Not only do civilian experience these threat when they are at home, and the drug dealers are shutting at each other, but civilian are often inside their home praying for any lost bullet hits them. Civilian, for example, are threat every day because they do not know if they will leave or die. If Marijuana would be legalizing, it will finish with drug dealers fighting. It also will decrease the number of civilians’ deaths. In additional to social benefits, Marijuana would increase the income which is economical benefits of our society. According to drug war facts, Org the number of people who were arrested because of Marijuana last years was 14,209,365. Our government probably spent a lot of many with those people in jail. It is totally waste money, so legalizing Marijuana will reduce the number of people in prison

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