Marigolds Essay

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“Marigolds” is one of the most widely-anthologized short stories that even won the Gwendolyn Books Prize for Fiction. Written by Eugenia Collier in 1969, this story is about a young girl named Lizebeth who learns a very valuable lesson. Throught the story we follow the main character while she faces difficult decision. With these decision she realizes that with every action you complete a consequence follows. Also, Lizebeth learns that she can not act like a child anymore because she is now viewed more as an adult. The main reasons why I relate to this story is because of the overall theme that every action has a consequence, the main character coming of age, and because the story dealt with the conflict of peer pressure. In the story “Marigold’s”many of the characters come to the realization that every action has a consequence. An example of this is when the main character Lizebeth threw rocks at Miss Lottie's marigolds. The consequence of this action was getting yelled at by Miss. Lottie, but the biggest consequence was that “[Lizebeth] did not join the merriment when the kids gathered again under the oak in our bare yard. Suddenly I was ashamed. . . ”(Collier 81). The main character learned that the punishment is not getting in trouble but the feeling she would have after. Another example is after the main character ruined Miss Lottie's marigolds. The consequence that came from that action was Miss Lottie never replanting flowers, and also the last beautiful thing in the shabby town the main character lived in was destroyed. A personal example is when I was five and so angry that I did not know what to do so I grabbed the remote and threw on the floor. After throwing the remote the consequence I had was not being allowed to watch television for a week or eating any candy. Furthermore, the main character's coming of age also greatly relates to me. For
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