Marie Curie Essay

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We believe that anti-social behaviour is increasing in society. We are concerned for the futureI Is anti-social behaviour increasing in society? In my opinion I think anti-social behaviour has increased over the years. More people are starting to accept this in life. But in my opinion I don’t think this is acceptable to the society around us. In my experiences I have witnessed a man arguing and beating up his girlfriend in the middle of the street. This was just on a normal day when walking home from school the thing that really draw these people too me was the loud voices arguing over something stupid, which lead to the girl trying to get in to the car and then the man would let her so they started fighting. Even thought this doesn’t seem like anti-social behaviour to most people in my eyes it is, because they were were acting inappropriate in the comunity. Even though people come out to have a look what was going on people didn’t do anything to stop it, this makes me think are people starting to accept things like this are actually normal and there is no need to get involved. Another one of my experiences is when a gang of lads were vandalising a house that was getting refurbished for someone to live in, these boys were throwing brick and spray painting the windows of the house, and every time the owners would get the windows fixed this gang of boys would be back doing it all over again, that the owners of the house had to board up there windows and doors, even though all the neighbours were aware of these going on know one was doing nothing about this. This is another occasion were I think people think anti-scocial behaviour is bad but they have started to accept it because they don’t seem to want to be in the goings on in the society around them. Personaly If it was my optional the anti-social behaviour would be under control in my area because it makes

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