Marie Antionette Essay

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The beauty and the nature of France were well accompanied by their great royal family. Marie Antoinette, unlike many of the other queens, was a breakthrough in her high classed fashion and individuality. Throughout her life, she showed many qualities of normal 18th century women; being dictated by her family and those around her as if she was property or some form of bargain rather than being treated as a normal human being. Through her life, her marrage and her sudden death sentence, she will never be forgotten as a great monarch of French history Marie Antoinette was born on November 2, 1755 in the town of Vienna, Austria. She was the youngest of the sixteen children of Marie Theresa and Emperor Francis I. She spent most of her younger years preparing to be a queen, because she knew at a young age that she was promised to Louis XVI. Since she was the favored child among her parents, she lived a simple childhood, and received a typical education which focused on morals and religion rather than academic classes. Her mother, in order to seal the alliance with France and Austria, arranged for the marriage of Marie and Lewis XV’s grandson Louie XVI, Marie was then sent to be queen at the young age of 15. When she arrived, she was received by Louie and his grandfather, who were both taken in by her remarkable beauty. When Louie became king after his grandfather’s death, they were wed on May 10, 1774 in a large. Being of a different country, Marie was not accepted in France by either the people or of the nobility inside the palace. The marriage of Marie and Louie was not pleasant, Louie desired to hunt and tinker in his workshops, whereas Marie was focused on fashion, the arts, and dance. They spent little time together and did not produce a child until 1778. After the first few months of marriage, Marie stopped her court duties and became known for her fun-loving

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