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9738 APPRENTICESHIP DELIVERY GUIDE HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE September 2012 2 City & Guilds Health and Social Care (9738) Apprenticeships at a glance Subject area Health and Social Care City & Guilds number 9738 Age group approved 16+ Entry requirements n/a Assessment Portfolio, assignments Fast track Available Support materials Qualification handbooks Candidate logbooks Recording forms e-portfolio Assessments/assignments for knowledge units SmartScreen resources Registration and certification Consult the Walled Garden/Online Catalogue for last dates Title and level City & Guilds number Health and Social Care Intermediate Apprenticeship (Health Sector/Social Care) (Level 2) – England 9738-01/02 Health and Social Care Advanced Apprenticeship (Health Sector/Social Care) (Level 3) – England 9738-03/04 City & Guilds Health and Social Care (9738) 3 Contents 1 Introduction 5 2 Reasons for running apprenticeships 6 3 Guide to levels 7 4 Component parts of the Health and Social Care Apprenticeship 8 5 Structure and assessment 14 6 Funding 18 7 Assessment and materials guide 19 Appendix 1 Frequently asked questions 58 Appendix 2 Qualification Specification 60 Appendix 3 Useful links 62 4 City & Guilds Health and Social Care (9738) 1 Introduction Apprenticeships provide employers and apprentices with funded work-based training in a range of career roles. Apprentices typically spend 30 hours per week developing their vocational skills in the workplace plus further time studying within a classroom or work-based learning environment with support from tutors/assessors from either a training provider or college which will oversee the apprenticeship assessment process and related components. Apprenticeships are made up of several different qualifications and other requirements. This guide aims to bring together the essential

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