Mariage Essay

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One of the major keys to a successful marriage or relationship is communication. If you lack communication in your marriage or any type of relationship there are bound to be problems. Communication in a marriage isn’t just verbal communication but also non-verbal communication. Often women tend to be more verbal with their communication then men. To effectively communicate both parties need to listen to their spouses when they are speaking without interrupting one another. Verbal communication isn’t the only form of communication that needs to exist in a marriage there also needs to be non-verbal communication. Forms of non-verbal communication in marriage can involve intimacy; however intimacy may be viewed as two different things when a woman or a man hears the word intimacy. Intimacy to a woman may be the holding of hands when walking, cuddling on the sofa with their spouse while watching television. Some men however may think that intimacy is the act of having sex with their spouse, but if the husband and wife actually have sat down and communicated then both the husband and wife will know what each other considers intimacy and how to work together and compromise to make sure that each of their needs are met. Non-verbal communication can also be in simple gesture such as how you look at your spouse; the body language that you show/display around each other along with the physical touching that is shared amongst the couple. When you are married there is no form of communication that should be off limits in your marriage. When a couple constantly argues or refuses to listen to each other the marriage and the relationship suffers. One way that couples can effectively communicate with their spouse is to use the paraphrasing technique. With this technique when one spouse is speaking the other spouse would listen to what their spouse is saying without interrupting

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