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------------------------------------------------- Observer and Guide The role of a Montessori teacher is that of an Observer and a Guide. In Montessori’s words: “With my methods, the teacher teaches little and observes much and, above all, it is her function to direct……” therefore I have changed the name of teacher into that of Directress” ( Montessori ,1988, Pg It would be the ultimate goal of the Montessori Directress to intervene less and less as the child develops more and more within the Prepared Environment. If, as Montessori writes, our function as a teacher is to direct the child, one of the first skills we must develop is that of observation. It is one of the most important aspects of the educational process for both the teacher and the child. Parents looking into a Montessori Prepared Environment are often shocked to see the teacher sitting to one side of the classroom. There is a preconceived notion of a teacher who should be constantly actively engaged and interacting with the children in their care. What they don’t realize is that the teacher is actively engaged in observation, which leads to more productive interaction with and understanding of each child. The Montessori Directress observes the children to determine a number of situations which occur in the Prepared Environment and with the knowledge gained from observation of the child in his/her natural environment we can: A) Build up a picture of his/her characteristic behaviour. B) Ensure we are aware of the child’s continued development. C) Try to understand his/her feelings and reactions. D) Make decisions about how to prepare the environment, i.e. what activities will interest and motivate a child. E) Be aware of Progress of Each Child in the Prepared Environment. F) Allow changes if any, need to be made in the Prepared Environment to facilitate

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